Our best exterminators for household critter woes

The most intimidating factor about bed bugs is not the distress they cause, but their resilience to many pesticides.  Although these buggers bite and cause skin reactions and sleep loss in sensitive individuals, they persist in many beds and especially in the mattresses of public places like hotels.  There is no way for you to wash your mattress and have a cleaning agent penetrate it enough to stop the source of where they are coming from, and that is why you should consult pest control specialists instead, like our team at Bed Bug & Pest Control Mundo.

Not everyone shows symptoms when they are bitten by a bed bug, and for that reason not everyone knows when there is even an issue present.  Usually the only way to know you have a bed bug colony on your hands, is to look around beds, bed skirts, corners, and dark areas for bed bugs, their yellow skin shedding, as well as any droppings that will alert you to their presence.  If you are not sure how to do this, you can always just get an inspection from our team as well.

Many people think that heavy fumigation should be the first choice in treatment plans when it comes to bed bugs, but their resilience to most pesticides is the reason that they are still around today.  There are several eco-friendly options nowadays, like high-temperature steam, using fillings, and more.  Why waste a bunch of time or money evacuating your home to have it fumigated? Instead, you can enjoy your home comfortably the same day when you call us.